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Know how 2 REALLY get rid of blackheads? (on the chin and nose.) other than this i have really great skin.?

when i wear makeup u cant even c the blackheads but it really frustrates me! i try squeezing the black stuff out but there seems to be 50 little blackheads!Know how 2 REALLY get rid of blackheads? (on the chin and nose.) other than this i have really great skin.?
lol hi i mornally do my own facial, or use biore strips, but try this one out it works apply warm water to ur nose or the area you want to remove the black heads, them use that white school glue, apply on top of the water leave it for 10 min or until it dries, and them just peel it off. Amazing just like boire. Use a glue that is acid freeKnow how 2 REALLY get rid of blackheads? (on the chin and nose.) other than this i have really great skin.?
choice 1 pop em all

choice 2 get those blackhead strips for certain areas
i used to get the same thing, try squeezing most of them out after using a warm cloth on your face wash your face with soap and water nothing fancy,and just use a little rubbing alcohol on the oily spots, where the black heads are, it will sting but you will get used to it, and the very thing you use to cover them up is actually causing them, try to just use some pressed powder with a brush and powder like make up, wash face morning and before bed always remove makeup and if alcohol dries your face out too much only use it at bedtime or every other day. it sounds to me like you have combination skin and some over the counter meds are too harsh. you dont need anything that costs a fortune. my skin was the same. also try to eat a healthy diet lots of water fruits and veggies and get enough sleep, the healthy diet will also pay off later if you decide to have children water and veggies help you not to get stretch marks. dont forget to eat meat and cheeses and milk they are important too.
RetinA. I'm only 13 and it works on me. I have/had really bad whiteheads/blackheads.
add a few drops of tea tree oil into a small container of witch hazel. apply to clean skin just like using a toner. gentle enough to do twice daily, but make sure to moisturize afterwards.
Get a facial at a good spa or salon and get what's called an ';extraction';. They literally take out EVERYTHING. They're kind of expensive, but they clean you up! You look younger and healthier, too. I just get a couple a year, and I LOVE it.


i have heaps and heaps of blackheads on my nose and chin. i have tried exfoliating and washing my face with loadss of different products but they NEVER GO AWAY!! if i squeezee them they come back BIGGER and BLACKER!! i really dont like them!!I HAVE REALLY REALLY BAD BLACKHEADS ON MY NOSE AND CHIN!! WHAT CAN I USE?
If you afford going to get a facial at a beautician you could do this once - this will help clean the blackheads- and then it is up to your to maintain it.

Other things that you could try is put your head over a sink of warmto hot water and a cloth over it for a few minutes so that the steam will open your pores and oil and stuff will ooze out- then get a cool face cloth and put over your face to close the pores.

Use a pore cleansing mask once or twice a week which draws out oil and other impurities in the skin.

biore strips!

a god sent

i get lots of blackheads on my nose, and these pull them ALL out leaving none. then i wipe my the nose/chin area with an astrigent [i use clean n clear]

trust me on this

good luck

Biore nose and face strips, they suck the blackheads right off. They work soooo well
try exfoliating with a product that has small sand particles in em, likee st ives apricot scrub. also exfoliate in hot or warm water, that opens up the opening and the black head should come out!

17 year old male with blackheads on chin and nose - How to remove?

So as the title says, I'm 17, male and have quite nasty blackheads on my nose and chin.

I have tried the following with no noticeable result:

*Neutrogena Blackhead Clearing Cleanser

*Johnson's Clean and Clear Blackead Cleanser


*Buff Puff (, the coarsest one

So I've tried all of these over the past few months and so far no result. Aside from the blackheads, I've never had acne and only a few pimples, nothing extreme.

I am open to suggestions as to any products your can buy, home remedies that you may have used and had work or somewhere I can go to have them cleaned/removed in the Penrith, New South Wales area.

I am not wanting to have to go to some really feminine place if that is possible, but I am just sick of the damn things, they just annoy the hell out of me and I've tried everything to get rid of them.

So please, any help or suggestions are appreciated.

17 year old male with blackheads on chin and nose - How to remove?
Well I have had this problem as well. I went to a dermatoligost. I recommend that. 17 year old male with blackheads on chin and nose - How to remove?
try soap and water maybe eat more fruit and have someone fart on your face the fart will act as a cleaner
Mix one fourth cup of hot water and one teaspoonful of Epsom salt with 4 drops of iodine. Mix well and allow to cool. Dip a cotton ball and apply to the blackhead and surrounding areas. When mixture is dry gently remove with a clean cloth. This is one of the good and effective home remedies for blackheads.


if you want to get rid of any pimples, wash ur face 2 times a day with soap. put soap on your hands and put it all over your fac. them wash it off

I have blackheads all over my chin and nose and they are driving me crazy. HELP!?

the clean and clear black head eraser works GREAT for me, i used to have them allll over. now they're gone, and it's at an affordable price. you can get it at walmart(:

hope this helped.I have blackheads all over my chin and nose and they are driving me crazy. HELP!?
well i tend to have blackheads on my nose too...and i use this really good product called ';Biore: ultra deep cleansing pore strips';

It really works you just stick this white strip on your nose and keep it there for 10-15 min. after that you just have to take it out and all your blackheads are gone!!!...

they usually sell them at wal-mart or any pharmacy....hope i helped!!! :)I have blackheads all over my chin and nose and they are driving me crazy. HELP!?
NOOO lets take this old school 1. boil a kettle and squeeze lemon on your nose then put your face over the steam and scrub your face hard with a towel
windex and duct tape will help, so i've heard!

Blackheads on my chin and nose. tips?

Okay so i have a lot of blackheads on my nose and in the crease between my chin and my lower lip. I've tried face peels, masks, gels, foams, and scrubs but nothings gotten rid of them. I have very deep pores because its very hard to pop them but i still try often to squeeze them but it just hurts and leaves my skin constantly flaky. help?also do you know of any face creams that hydrate skin to stop the flaking without further clogging my pores?Blackheads on my chin and nose. tips?
Acne is a bacteria that needs to be killed. Witch Hazel is also works great.. it is a little smelly, but you can use a cotton ball or wash cloth. It will tke away the oiliness. `Tea Tree Oil will kill out the bacteria or weaken it enough not to bother you. Apply it to the effected areas with a q-tip or cotton ball after you have washed.

You should get a good multivitamin(highly suggest) with vitamin a,c,e,d and zinc.. this should help tons! Eating carrots also helps.. there is beta-carotene (Vitamin A) in them which helps prevent acne and repair the skin. Take zinc, zinc is a antibacterial agent. Make sure to dink plenty of water and get good rest at night.

Azelaic Acid is a great natural acid that reduces the growth of bacteria, restores the skins cells and reduces inflammation. Try using a topical with Azelaic Acid in it.. it is safe.

Also, change/wash your pillow case and sheets every other day.

There are ways to put moisture back into your skin and heal it, such as: drinking lots of water, making sure you are eating enough fat/omega-3 oils. Lotions with mineral oil can dry out the skin, use one with out it! Emu Oil ( ) contains vitamin A and E, Sapogens ( makes skin softer), and Oleic acid (a skin cell regenerator, anti-wrinkel agent) - walgreens sells emu oil.. i would think walmart would as well.
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  • A bunch of blackheads on my chin?

    Its like a cornfield of blackheads on my chin and I have no idea how to make them go away. They have been there for years and its soo bothersome!

    do you know any ways to get rid of them? (Ive already tried the strip things)A bunch of blackheads on my chin?
    neutrogena blackhead earaser! get it girl!A bunch of blackheads on my chin?
    After years of trying every acne product on the market, I finally found the only solution that worked for me:

    Wash your face with a sensitive skin soap such as Neutrogena's facial bar.

    Avoid using liquid makeup (like concealer) which will clog your pores and increase the amount of pimples that you get at any given time.

    Rub Purell (the hand sanitizer) over the pimples on your face (it will sting a bit)

    Rub a good moisturizing cream over the Purell (I like all natural aloe based creams) you need something with aloe or lanolin in it, to help counteract the alcohol in Purell.

    Repeat this daily at bed time and you will see your acne cleared up in no time flat!
    Squeeze em?


    Pesky blackheads on chin...?

    sorry... it's really gross... I usually have REALLY clear skin... I only really get blackheads but the scrub and moisturzer I use gets rid of all of them except some on my chin that just WON'T go away... I've tried Biore strips too... any other suggestions?Pesky blackheads on chin...?
    read tips on treating acne, skincare and home remedies to help you better on this site
    itchy skin